Nothing to Take (Across I)

Let’s enter here:

DSC 1675

The space we are entering is the Hole-in-the-Wall Rings Trail in the Mojave National Preserve. As a loop trail, it suggests that we are surrounding something by walking this trail. The opposite is the case, the landscape of narrow canyons seems to surround us.

DSC 1684

The walls of this enclosure contains molds — for whom?

DSC 1706

We need to be here early in the morning to experience the near total silence. This silence is paradoxical, too: It is not the absence of sound that asks to be filled with sound, it is the sort of silence that invites us to be quiet, too.

DSC 1680

The holes and cracks are signs of what we need most, protection and growth.

DSC 1701


The Mojave is the driest desert in North America. There is nothing here for us to take but beauty. 

It’s time to leave, for now:

DSC 1683

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