Roadside Picnic (Across II)

The pictures from this little series Across were taken during a four day road trip from Indiana to California.

DSC 1300

One would think that the first half or so takes us through a rather featureless landscape. While this is true, the brain starts to focus on the little unusual things that are not just strips of earth and sky.

DSC 1285

Trains quickly become a favorite. At least, they move, too.

DSC 1325

There are terrible places like meat factories, and other traces of the human condition.

DSC 1363

It is amazing to see that traffic works.

The majority of the drivers are cooperative, even friendly, and the few maniacs can be smiled away and quickly forgotten. Driving is maybe the major education in cooperation and communicative skills the average US person receives these days.

DSC 1351

When automatic cars become reality, where will people learn how to treat each other?

DSC 1385

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