No Choices?

The water that formed the canyon in the Rocky Hollow Nature Preserve in Turkey Run State Park had no choice; it had to follow gravity.

DSC 1988

Following the path the water took backwards is like going back in time and being able to contemplate earlier choices.

DSC 1979

There are places where we seemed to have a choice which only turns out to be a detour. How should we know?

DSC 2006

Worse, there are also places that prevent us from going back further, dead ends of our past, inaccessible parts of our memory, like here in Devil’s Punchbowl.

DSC 2010

The further we go back, memory is being reduced to form. 

DSC 1994

Does it truly make sense to look into this lifeless past?

DSC 1982

Catch me later, says the leaf.

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