Silence (Fall 2019 I)

This has been a strange fall season. After a hot and dry summer, many trees seemed to have given up and shed leaves before they turned color. DSC 2072

When it finally happened, the intensity was dazzling. 

DSC 2090

My favorite time and place are the early morning hours at Strahl Lake, where light, darkness, and reflection seem to multiply the silence.

DSC 2086

One should spend an entire night there, like the lone heron in the first picture, becoming one with the landscape.

DSC 2064

This instant change seems dramatic like the mood change of a person from being calm to being upset.

DSC 2104

My first blog post here from almost five years ago shows the same view. The trees have grown, some have fallen, but the place remains visibly the same. Such stability is admirable, given the times.

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