Fish Have No Feet

While reading Jón Kalman Stefánsson’s novel Fish Have No Feet, which in part takes place in Keflavík, it occurred to me that I never posted my photos from 2017 from there. The book begins with the motto Keflavík does not exist.


DSC 5986


Well, most visitors who come by plane will know that it does in fact exist, and those who are forced to stay near the airport either because they arrive late or because they have to leave early, get a chance to visit. That this is an Icelandic city becomes instantly clear. It presents itself with openness and laconic clarity and always a bit more dedication than strictly necessary.

DSC 5968

The main source of income is documented for eternity,

DSC 5960

the love-hate relationship to the former US army base sublimated in an elegant sculpture,

DSC 5973

the local cave repurposed as the lair of a giantess with a golden heart,

DSC 5999

and comfort is offered to the tired (gigantic?) visitor with a wink.

DSC 5972

Is it ironic that even the scaffoldings are adorned with an extra touch? I don’t think so. In a country where impermanence due to the forces of nature is everywhere, building something requires an extraordinary belief in the ultimate possibility of permanence.

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