Enigma (Nordhouse Dunes 4)

Die Wahrheit ist dem Menschen zumutbar


DSC 3488

Can we really bear the truth, as Ingeborg Bachmann insisted in 1959? Her context was that of writers who encourage others to be truthful through their presentation, and are encouraged themselves by praise and criticism.

DSC 3757

How do we present truth today, 60 years later, when its value has again become doubtful?

DSC 3541

What if reality itself has become so doubtful that we don’t trust our own senses anymore? Can any presentation be clearer than what we can see with our own eyes? Or is it admissible to blur what we want to show to point to another truth, namely our inability to see clearly? 

DSC 3518

Ingeborg Bachmann was right. We can bear the truth. But most of us don’t want to.

DSC 3525

We don’t merely want the truth, we want the unraveling.

DSC 3469

What we maybe need today are not just truths, but enigmas.


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