DSC 0953

“West” has meant different things at different times. It (still) signifies a cultural attitude of possession: This planet is ours, we can transform it at will.

DSC 0963

It has also signified exploration, and transcending imagined limits.

DSC 0984

Settling at such a limit point signifies an attitude, the willingness to accept being a Stranger in a Strange Land.

DSC 0989

Esthetics here is necessarily a potpourri of ideas and cultures that do not create a harmonious whole by itself.

DSC 0980

The unifying theme is elsewhere.

DSC 1023

Every attempt to create one’s own little human space here is humbled by the vastness of the world around us.

DSC 1039

That we are allowed to be here, too, is a form of grace.

DSC 1052

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