Mind Trails

A long time ago, I have mentioned paths as a landscape paradigm. Today, using pictures I recently too at the Giant City State Park in Illinois, we vary the paths to mind trails.

DSC 1766

Above is the clear trail: It has stepping stones, and walls on both sides, to prevent is from erring, and for support. There is no doubt, we will walk this path, even if it leads us into darkness. Of different character is the doubtful trail: There, behind these trees, is there really a way for us to walk?

DSC 1781

Equally disturbing is the desperate trail which we seek when looking for an exit. We might follow any temptation, regardless where it leads.

DSC 1768

Then there is the blocked trail. It leaves us options: Crawl through, remove the obstacle, go around. That’s not too bad.

DSC 1786

More problematic is the doubtful trail, that looks like it might continue, but we won’t know until we try.

DSC 1742

Finally, the most terrifying of all, is the fateful trail, created by the blood of the giants that died gigaennia ago in this ancient city, without choice, leaving trails on the walls.


DSC 1774


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