North Dome (25 Years Ago)

I have written about Yosemite in winter before, using a mixture of pictures from various trips. The first picture on that page is actually the last one I took on a snow showing overnighter to North Dome. In the summer, this is an overcrowded day hike up from along Yosemite Falls with nice views of Half Dome.Berkeley148b

We not only had plenty of snow but also a thunderstorm over night. You won’t get these clouds in the summer.


As soon as you are out of the valley, the hike is a pleasant up and down, even with snow shoes.


I think the little hump down below is North Dome. The tracks are ours – there was nobody else.


I am ready for winter, obviously.


Yosemite in Winter


In 1993, when it still rained in California, winter was a desperate time for weekend backpackers, because the Sierras were packed with snow.


On the other hand, if you dared, you could have places all for yourself that would be packed with humans in the summer. But don’t let this snow free picture of Yosemite Valley betray you.


A little further on, the vast granite plains were slush covered, and even further, we there was deep snow and no trace of the trails.


Higher altitude cleared things up a bit (assuming good weather).


The peace was treacherous. Picking this spot below as a camp site and ignoring the pretty clouds below was a dumb idea. The night became the second stormiest night of my life.