Food is art.

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Local Indiana goat cheese (which can be very good, as visitors from France have admitted) has become more local since the Goat Conspiracy from Bloomington added artisan goat cheese to their product line.

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Their (very limited) highlight (so far) is Phantasia, coated with a thin layer of charcoal to encourage the growth of the characteristic mold.

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At current temperatures, the cheese quickly starts to flow, calling back memories of the lava flows of Iceland.

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It goes exceedingly well the excellent local bread from Muddy Fork Bakery. What better is there to enjoy in this weather?

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Julianna and Friends

I have written before about Sofia, one of the wonderful cheeses from Capriole Farm.

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Like her, Julianna (up above) is made from goat cheese, but comes with a nice herbal crust. It’s the stronger companion of the Old Kentucky Tome, which you find below to the right.

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There are other things from here I would like to take with me to my next life, whenever this will happen. The bread, for instance. American bread used to be the biggest nightmare in this country. Not anymore. One reason is the Muddy Fork Bakery that produces this Rustic Sourdough with a perfect crust,

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or the beautiful Sesame Spelt

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that goes so well with the goat cheese. All their breads are hand-made and wood fired. Amazing stuff. You can find both bread and cheese at the local Farmer’s Market or at Bloomingfoods.

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