Stubbornness (Hemlock Cliffs VII)

About 9 months ago I went looking for the Arrowhead Arch near Hemlock Cliffs, and I thought it’s time to see how this place looks like in the autumn.

The stubborn spiders are out and about, and the stubborn leaves cling to the trees.

But, of course, what is really stubborn are the rocks of the Messmore cliffs.

This time I was stubborn enough to explore them all the way.

I like the complex and noisy landscape.

And there is the surprisingly harmonious contrast between the cold rock and the warm autumn colors.

Contrasts like these seem to need each other.

In places like this, sometimes, something magical can happen, pure serendipity.

Messmore Cliffs (Hemlock Cliffs VI)

DSC 4814

A bit north of the Arrowhead Arch are tall and very steep cliffs, the Messmore cliffs. Above is a look from the top.

DSC 4745

And this is how they look from below.

DSC 4714

To get there (unless you have a rope and know how to rappel), follow the derelict forest road on the cliff top east until you hit the no trespassing chain, then descend left and follow the cliffs.

DSC 4729

There is lots to explore, in complete solitude.

DSC 4754

Much of it is otherworldly

DSC 4768

or retracts into abstraction.

DSC 4775

This has been quite some experience.

DSC 4771