Found (Hemlock Cliffs V)

DSC 4346

Finally, after the silly April 1st post from yesterday, here it is, the elusive Arrowhead Arch.

DSC 4356

It took me two attempts to find it. The reason is that some web pages have the wrong GPS coordinates, and it is also marked incorrectly on some maps. 

DSC 4357

The arch features a special rock where people have decided to follow their irresistible urge. At least it’s pretty much limited to this rock.

DSC 4376

Even if you know where the arch is, it is still hard to find. On my first attempt, I gave up and turned around literally standing on top of it.

DSC 4404

Still, the erring around on the cliff tops pointed me to some other wondrous places. More about them next time.

Did I mention the incredible rock formations?

DSC 4684

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