How to Age Well

DSC 0635


The next time you worry about getting old, think twice. It could be so much worse, you could be an aging railroad, or, worse still, an abandoned aging railroad.


DSC 0641


There are plenty of those in Indiana (and I bet in your neighborhood as well), some so abandoned that they are impossible to find anymore. 


DSC 0638

The CSX line that connects Bedford with Louisville has a few abandoned sidetracks where the rails have been dismantled. The photos here are from one in Orleans.


DSC 0646


While walking the remaining tracks in search for a particularly rusty railroad spike for my collection, I became increasingly fascinated by the different ways the wood of the tracks had deteriorated, in particular where the rail tie plates had been nailed into the rail ties to support the rails. 


DSC 0648


Aren’t we all beautiful?

DSC 0634

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