Winter Walk

DSC 0356

Trail #2 in Cifty Falls State Park is one of the most rugged trails in Indiana, suitable for a harsh winter experience even without snow. It begins with a steep descent into the canyon.

DSC 0344

There we follow the creek, switching sides when needed. Occasional obstacles can easily be overcome.

DSC 0335

The canyon walls make it clear that we have little choice otherwise.

DSC 0245

What is a path anyway? Isn’t it just our choice of walking?

DSC 0329

Frozen time passes, too, and makes us hasten forward.

DSC 0214

Increasingly, the path becomes an illusion.

DSC 0256

Well, it said very rugged in the park brochure. We have been warned.

DSC 0260

While there might be no path, still there is a way.

DSC 0287

What more could we have wished for?


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