Archilochus colubris

DSC 4642

It’s almost time to say good-bye to the mimosas this year, but at the moment, they are still attracting visitors.

DSC 4629

This is the ruby-throated hummingbird. Annoyingly, I haven’t seen any adult males this year, who are responsible for the name. The adult females have, if my information is correct, a clear white throat, while the young males have a speckled throat, as the ones here. 

DSC 4605


They are hyperactive all day round, chasing each other as well as the larger birds, and chattering intensely. They must have a lot to talk about, unlike me. The one above is poking his tongue out a little. I think it can extend it quite a bit further. Amazing possibilities… 

DSC 4538

I never expected to take wildlife photos, I am not that patient. But sitting in the garden with a good cup of tea and just waiting for the birds to get into position is a surprisingly pleasant way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

DSC 4589

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