The 2-dimensional Nature of Time

DSC 3589

I must have said this before, the DePauw Nature Park challenges me to new views. Today I am trying to combine a wide format (3:1) with a shallow depth of field.

DSC 3571

These are per se contradictory, and to be effective, the shallowness has to be extreme.

DSC 3554

This sliver of sharpness acquires a strong horizontal nature, like a line of text in a book that we read, oblivious of the past and future lines. Time becomes horizontal. There is only one way to move, everything seems to be determined.

DSC 3511

Sometimes, it also becomes discrete, when there doesn’t seem to be a before or an after. There just is the singular moment, evidently still full of potential.

DSC 3507

This becomes less effective for things far away (or in the distant future) when it still seems possible to move forward and not just sideways, giving us the hope that there is free will.

DSC 3488

Is this all just perception? Can we think the barriers out of the way, by looking at them properly?

DSC 3469

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