9 is less than 10

DSC 3102

As hinted at earlier, Laowa has made a 9mm full frame lens, and I couldn’t resist.

DSC 3129

The lens is small, much smaller than the Samyang 10mm lens, which may come at a price. Its widest aperture is only 5.6, and there is a bit of distortion going on, but I can’t complain about sharpness.

DSC 3137

I think I’ll call this lens my black hole, it sucks everything in.

DSC 3147

No human eye is capable of a perspective like this. 

DSC 3153

The pictures here were taken a McCormick’s Creek State park, following the creek from its over-photographed waterfall  until it merges into the White River, a tributary to the Wabash, itself flowing into the Ohio, then flowing into the Mississipi. That’s a long trip for a little water.

DSC 3159

My trip was shorter, and a nice contrast to the loop of the Pate Hollows trail from a day ago.

DSC 3166

When you reach the end, that’s it. The only option is to turn back.

DSC 3172

Does one need this? A lens with extreme perspective? Or, to follow a stream until it ends?

DSC 3190

The reason is simple, sometimes: Turning back is not that different from changing the perspective.

DSC 3214

But learning is hard.

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