Seven Crossings

DSC 2825

Pate Hollow Trail is a 6 mile loop, with a few shortcuts as variations. In its longest version, it requires seven stream crossings.

DSC 2854

We follow them here counterclockwise, so to speak, if you look at the trail from above on a map.

DSC 2866

We also follow them in spring, when the streams carry water, for additional challenge.

DSC 2873

The crossings are small obstacles and excellent landmarks, telling how far we have progressed.

DSC 2876

The actual obstacles, however, are the in-betweens, where one has to climb up a few hundred feet just to descend again to the next crossing.

DSC 2882

So we can learn a lesson: progress is measured by landmarks, but achieved by what we do in-between.

DSC 2886

Care to join me for another round?

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