The Personal Cave (Ohio V)

Part of Hocking Hills State Park is Rock House, with two short trails and one main feature, a preview of which you can see en miniature below:

DSC 5518 Edit

A cave from the outside can be a foreboding place. Do we dare to enter?

DSC 5530

The pattern of a cave per se doesn’t appear in Christopher Alexander’s Pattern Language, but there are a Child’s Cave and Secret Place, which relate to it.

DSC 5544

We can uncover the secret of a place only by having the courage to step into it. This is like entering somebody’s private space: When inside, we see the world from a new perspective.

DSC 5546

After a while, the darkness dissipates, and we feel simultaneously protected and protecting.

DSC 5537

After leaving a cave, something has changed. We will not be afraid anymore.

DSC 5553

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