The Pyramid (Solitaire II)

This is the first game that I remember inventing. For this patience/solitaire you will need a regular small deck of 32 cards.Setup 1 01

After shuffling, you deal out one card, on top of that four cards, and on top of that nine cards all face down, as shown above.  Then you add a layer of 16 cards face up, and put the remaining two cards face up to the side of the tableau, to begin the reserve piles:Setup 2 01

The goal is to transfer cards from this tableau to four foundation columns of the same suit, starting with the aces, and building down (Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10, 9, 8 7). In addition, you can transfer cards regardless of suit building up to the two reserve columns at the side:Play 1 01

Notice that above we moved the king of clubs from the left reserve to the right to create an empty spot that we use to remove more cards from the pyramid.

As soon as one face down card becomes completely uncovered, it is turned over, and can be used as well.

Play 2 01

We were able to uncover the ace of diamonds. We use this to start a new foundation column, adding the king of diamonds right away. The queen of diamonds is hidden under the king of clubs in the right reserve column, but we can transfer the king to left, thus freeing the queen. Sigh. This allows us to remove more cards from the tableau.

Play 3

Now is a critical moment. The only thing we can do is to transfer the jack and queen to the right reserve column to free one more card. We are lucky, it is the missing ace of clubs.

Play 4

This allows to reduce the tableau and the reserve columns considerably.

Play 6

The uncovered king of spades allows to eliminate the right reserve column, which we then use for the 7 of diamonds and the 8 of hearts.

Play 7

In the final moves, we transfer all the spades, uncover the 9 of diamonds, and solve the patience by transferring the diamonds.

There are two variations:

1) To make the patience harder, one can require that the colors have to alternate when building the reserve column.

2) To make it easier, one can allow to transfer more than one card from one reserve column to the other.

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