Coal and Gold (Columbia Mine Preserve III)

DSC 2301

After two slightly misleading posts about a facility (inside and outside) near the Columbia Mine Preserve, the time has come to visit the actual place.

DSC 2318

Large open spaces (either prairies or lakes) allow to look far into the distance in all directions.

DSC 2320

It conveys an almost paradoxical state of mind: Being small and unimportant in this vast landscape, but also (subjectively) being at the center of it.

DSC 2376

Being there in the late afternoon gives the opportunity to experience another contrast. Just before the wintry gray turns into the black of the night, the sun makes one last effort, just before it hits the horizon.

DSC 2330

Then, for a short moment, the black and the gold coexist, and the limiting horizons become an illusion.

DSC 2362





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