Hunan and Yunnan

It’s this time of the year when to look back to see what has been memorable, in the good way. I discovered some wonderful teas, black teas from China. New for me were two teas from the Hunan province, both distributed in the US by reliable Harney & Sons.

DSC 1725

The simpler of them is the Hunan Forest Twist that comes with long leaves that slowly uncurl in the pot while the tea steeps.

DSC 1732

The taste is similar to that of a full-bodied Assam but without any bitterness.
The second tea from Hunan is the Wild Hunan Gold.

DSC 1761

The leaves have wonderful golden tips, and the cup is a wild ride through intense chocolate notes. This tea clearly deserves its name.

DSC 1767

Even more golden are the leaves of the Yunnan Golden Ring tea from the Yunnan province, purchased through Imperial Tea Court. I usually have one or two good quality Yunnan teas around because I like their soft and distinctive flavor, but this tea is something else.

DSC 1751

The rolled golden leaves are amazing, and the tea, while clearly Yunnan, is more complex than the standard Yunnan, with subtle hints of chocolate.

DSC 1757

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