Pate Hollow Trail

Here are some early morning impressions from hiking the Pate Hollow Trail north of the Painetown State Recreation Area. The mood for the hike is set right at the beginning, thanks to the Little People who built this tree house.

DSC 0142

Nothing can go wrong after seeing it. The trail takes about three hours to hike and mostly follows the ridges. You get the usual fare of broken wood, that I always find photogenic.

DSC 0136

The other highlights of the hike are the views of Lake Monroe.

DSC 0167

Nothing dramatic, but a little blue is very welcome. When the trail touches down to the lake front, you can meditate either about structural simplicity of the opposite shore

DSC 0153

or the irritating complexity of simultaneous reflections of frozen weeds and preposterous trees. It is March, after all.

DSC 0155

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