Brown (Charles Deam Wilderness II)

DSC 0074

Indiana has a fifth season: A good winter brings snow, harsh light and the contrasts that blind your eyes. A good spring brings mild air, green buds, tree blossoms, and wild flowers. But in between, there is at least a month of nothingness.

DSC 0041

It is the season of decay, and its color is brown. The contrasts of winter light disorient us because they provide information conflicting with the physical landscape. It is almost as if a fourth dimension has been added which we cannot parse. Today, the low contrast of an overcast sky and the muted colors make the contours disappear and appear 2-dimensional.

DSC 0054

Still, the monotonicity has its appeal, in particular when it is interrupted by an alien intrusion.

DSC 0077

Why should we hate what we are attracted to?

DSC 0093

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