Secret Passage (Utah)

Continuing the exploration of special places in Kodachrome State Park, here is the Secret Passage, on a optional side loop of the Panorama Trail.

DSC 1852

It is bordered by a tall vertical wall on one side, a sloping climbable rock on the other, and leads nowhere, symbolized by the two meaningless boulders.

DSC 1846

So what is special about this place? The texture of the vertical wall is so rich of detail and variation that I just stood there for a while, staring.

DSC 1856

Of course everything is mindnumpingly red.

DSC 1850

This reminded me of an exhibition of large format abstract paintings by Emil Schumacher that left me unimpressed until I discovered their textural richness.

DSC 1851

In both cases, the fractal-like richness of detail seems to provide a non-spatial third dimension to the otherwise mostly flat wall.

DSC 1839

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