Ultental (South Tyrol II)

Late Summer 1997 I went with my girl friend for a second time to South Tyrol, this time visiting the Ultental near Meran. The valley itself is unremarkable. Its elevation is at about 1500 meters and the steep mountains reach easily 3000 meters and more.

Ultental 7

However, at a certain elevation, everything opens up,

Ultental 3

and one has the opportunity for endless ridge walks which are so typical for the mountains of Southern Tyrol.

Ultental 5

At even higher elevation and after fresh snow fall the landscape becomes truly alpine.

Ultental 10

At this occasion (spending the night at a mountain hut), we learned something valuable: Whenever you sleep in a room you are not familiar with, look into all the closets. This is not to foster one’s superstitions, but to find the warm blankets that could have prevented us from shivering through a very cold night.

Ultental 6

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