More Praise of the Mirror

So I could not resist to try out how my ancient Sigma 600mm/f8 mirror lens does on a Nikon D800. So out I went into this year’s mediocre winter.

DSC 0062

The static motives one can find in the woods are tree stumps, rocks, and dead leaves. Cheers.

DSC 0098

All pictures here are reduced in file size by about the factor 20, thereby sharpening quite a bit. None of the some 50 pictures I took were sharp at full resolution, but the scaled images look decent.

DSC 0099

So this is not a miracle lens. A solid tripod and precise focussing are a must, at least when it is as gloomy outside as it is here now.

DSC 0153

But this was not the point of the experiment. I wanted to play with the background distortions caused by the mirror design of the lens. The ideal targets were either small or far enough away, with some sort of non-uniform background at about twice the distance to the target.

DSC 0176

I usually use only telephoto lenses up to 200mm, and finding small targets in the distance is a great visual training.

DSC 0212

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