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The Pawpaw tree is one of the more interesting trees that are native to North America.
Pawpaws are small and like shade. In the spring they make small colorful flowers. I don’t know whether its common that differently colored flowers appear on the same tree.

DSC 0889

When the big leaves turn yellow, they produce potato sized fruits.
They will not stay long on the trees, as most animals (from squirrel to deer) seem to like them even when not yet ripe. You need to harvest them when they are getting soft and begin to smell.

DSC 0891

They will not keep fresh for very long, so go ahead and peel them. The easiest way to deal with the large seeds is to eat the fruit in chunks and to spit the seeds out. If you are more patient, you can also remove the seeds, put the fruits into a blender and make a very delicious pulp. The taste is banana like with an exotic touch that is hard to pin down.

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