When discussing the options for traveling with a three weeks old baby from California to Indiana, friend Bryce reminded me that while today we view traveling as the unavoidable side effect when to get from A to B, there used to be a more conscious form of travel that one can metaphorize as a journey. Thrilled, we decided to take this trip by train. The idea was to spend two nights in a sleeper car, and the days sightseeing.


The comfort is minimal, but so are the demands of a three week old.


California becomes Nevada. Notice the difference in architecture and functionality (railway station vs. correctional facility).


Nevada becomes Utah and Colorado.


Then, in Iowa, when we start feeling the heat and humidity of summer in the midwest, the power of all passenger cars fail. For hours, the Amtrak personal shuffles the cars in order to put the one with the faulty cable at the end. In vain.


When we arrive in Chicago 8 hours late in the third night, Amtrak pays for a hotel with view.


We have arrived! Moral: Each journey should result in a story.

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