World Cat Show in Novi, Michigan, 2013

In November 2013, my cat addicted daughter and I went on a trip to Novi, Michigan, to the World Championship Cat Show.

DSC 4482

What you see there are not the typical neighborhood alley cats, nor your (my) regular neighbors.

DSC 4533

The bond that apparently forms between two and four legged animals reminds me of what Albert Camus says in L’Étranger about the old neighbor and his dog: “À force de vivre avec lui, seuls tous les deux dans une petite chambre, le vieux Salamano a fini par lui ressembler.”

DSC 4844

What might I look like in a decade or so after living with that lovely Persian cat up above…
I have the feeling that the Birman down below would allow me an easier transition.

DSC 4755

It seems that all the efforts we humans have made to create special cat (or dog) breeds are only a feeble attempt to help us with our own transformations.

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