While many fruits and berries are being cultivated or stored so that you can buy them “fresh” year round, some are either too delicate or not popular enough for this treatment. So you have to get them when they are ripe, and find your own means of preservation.

DSC 9502

Plums are one such example. My own plum trees lose what little they produce to the greediness of the birds well before they are ready for human consumption, so I have to resort to local stores.

DSC 0858

Plums are also interesting, because the American style plum butter is a far cry from what this fruit deserves. Plums are too juicy for the standard ways of jam making. To produce a real mus, they need to be stoned, mixed with sugar (1 cup for 3 pounds), and spices (try cardamom and clover!).

DSC 0862

Let this sit for at least two ours and discard the juice (or dink it, if you like sweet treats).
Then put this into a baking dish and bake for at least two hours at 350 degrees Fahrenheit, stirring occasionally. Leave the oven door open for the first 30 minutes to get rid of even more liquid. You want the result to be really gooey. Be warned: 3 pounds of plums make less than a cup of mus.

DSC 0873

Now all that is needed is good bread.

DSC 0874

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