Wild Columbine

The Wild Columbine is one of the later spring wild flowers in Indiana, but one of my favorites, maybe because it is so photogenic.

DSC 8218

One usually finds her in clusters, near rocky slopes. My major difficulty with wild flowers is the depth of field. When you try to get a good shot of a trillium, for instance, you usually do this vertically down, and even with a modestly shallow depth of field, you inevitably have the muddy Indiana soil as a background, mixed with dirty brown leaves from years back. On the other hand, of the depth of field is too shallow, significant parts of the plant will be unpleasantly blurry.

DSC 7200

The Wild Columbine lends herself to side views, and her taste for location almost automatically provides beautiful backgrounds.

DSC 8274

This is all nice and pleasant, but to really appreciate the beauty of this flower, you need to get down to your knees and look at her intimately close.

DSC 8295

Maybe, in my next life, I want to be an insect. Just for one spring.

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