Lugentes Campi (Twin Swamps III)

I promised to return, and this time I came early enough, before sunrise, when the colors are still carried by darkness.

DSC 6758

The cypress trees with their robe like stems seem to have been waiting like limp angels.

DSC 6648

The boardwalk had suffered damage, and the railing had been removed for repair, providing unobstructed views for the adventurous.

DSC 6640

Are there swamp-green and cypress-red? 

DSC 6608

With colors like these, this place belongs elsewhere. 

DSC 6839






Twin Swamps Nature Preserve I

There are many ways to experience a place, or a person.

The Twin Swamps Nature Preserve in the south-western corner of Indiana features two swamps, and today we will look at the less challenging aspects of the Cypress Grove there.

The water level was low, exposing the adorable cypress knees to the fullest.

This is a completely alien biotope, and still our own concept of beauty applies.

I keep wondering: Is this because our concept of beauty is so naive, or so universal?