Hoping for Cooler Weather


Visiting Turkey Run State Park in winter after snow fall is an expedition I often think of in the hot summer days of Indiana. The snow covered slopes of Sugar Creek look pleasant enough.


But the temperatures drop significantly after entering the Rocky Hollow canyon. This vertiginous view of Wedge Rock is due to the fisheye lens I used here.


Proceeding further, the walls become covered with icicles.


Ascending into the narrower parts of the canyon and navigating the ice covered walls is impossible without proper gear.


But the way back offers sun shine and hope for warmer days, which is what we came for, isn’t it?

Sugar Creek

DSC 5235

Sugar Creek is a tributary of Wabash River (which continues into the Ohio River and the Mississippi).
It connects Shades State Park with Turkey Run State Park, and is a highlight of both parks.

DSC 2270

At Shades State Park, most trails touch the creek at some point, or at least provide an unobstructed view across onto a vast wooded slope.


There are sights that stun instantly, and others that require some time.


In Turkey Run State Park, (almost) every visitor will cross the suspension bridge and enjoy a view like this:

DSC 2094