Turkey Run at 10mm

After my recent journey into gloom, it’s time to bring back some clarity with a fresh perspective.

DSC 4231

This is (again!) the Rocky Hollow Falls Canyon Nature Preserve in Turkey Run State Park, before sunrise and heat and people.

DSC 4239

The rock formations are extreme, and so is the perspective, with 10mm this is as wide as it gets (even though Laowa has announced a 9mm lens…) for full frame cameras.

DSC 4251

What’s the point? There is the effect, of course, which can be mind bending. 

DSC 4263

There also is the challenge. How do you avoid seeing something when everything is visible?

DSC 4269

But foremost, there is the possibility of getting lost, in a picture, or in taking pictures.

Berlin Alexanderplatz (10mm VI)

DSC 4478

In Alfred Döblin’s novel Berlin Alexanderplatz, the place of that name is being used to dramatically convey transformation: Franz Bieberkopf  is traumatized by the changes it has  undergone while he spent years in prison, and stands for the transformations he himself will undergo.

DSC 4458

Döblin’s novel takes place in the 1920s, and Berlin has undergo dramatic changes since. After the destructions of the Second World War and the division of the city, it was no longer the single city center. The architects of the Eastern part weren’t insensitive, they kept the space open and repurposable.

DSC 4473

Nearby churches were renovated and allowed other change to happen, later.

DSC 4570

After the fall of the Berlin Wall, many of the administrative buildings were taken down. The facade of the Palace of the Republic used to annoy the people of power with distorted reflections of the nearby cathedral. Not anymore.

DSC 4446

Radically modern buildings show that transformation is still possible. This leaves hope for Franz’s children.

DSC 4432

Berlin at 10 mm

These here are my first shots with Samyang’s spectacular 10mm wide angle lens for 35mm cameras.

DSC 3989

The first three pictures are from the government district in Berlin.

DSC 4008

Almost everything becomes extremely compressed in width and pulled apart in depth.

DSC 4012

It is a very satisfying experience to have to step closer when all other people step back to take a picture.

DSC 4040

And the last three pictures are from Berlin Hauptbahnhof, the main train station.

DSC 4071

This extreme lens forces the photographer to compose differently.

DSC 4075