Sacred Grounds Café (Southern Illinois I)

One of my little hobbies is to visit places that play a role in a book (or film) I like. This year, one of my favorite books so far has been John Burnside’s novel Ashland and Vine. Even though the author is Scottish, the book takes place in a generic Midwestern college town called Scarsville.

DSC 1547

The book is about a College student and an elderly Lady. I don’t like to write or read reviews, and in this case the title already is hint enough. It is a good book. We don’t learn much about the place, until a coffee place is mentioned with the uncommon (for a coffee place) name Sacred Grounds Café. Thinking about it, this is an excellent name for a coffee place, because it tells the customer that one is welcome to sit down for a while instead of just grabbing a quick coffee. In any case, I found the name odd. There are indeed real coffee places in the US with that name, and one of them is in Edwardsville, Illinois. Even better, it is also on Main Street, as in the book.

DSC 1539

I decided to pay the place a visit. Unfortunately, the staff didn’t know author or book, and the owner (who plays a role in the book, too), was not present.

The quiche with sweet potatoes and spinach was excellent.

DSC 1537