Encapsulation (Mimosas II)

After drinking mimosa tea, the mind opens up to the beauty of the tree.DSC 9752

The flowers sit like alien insects above the fern shaped leaves, an odd contrast both in shape and color.DSC 9758

When in late summer the seed pods join in, we get  in a single picture the story of an entire life en miniature.

DSC 9753

Mimosas are fascinating for many reasons, and animals know about it. I am not patient enough for wildlife photography, so the image below says nothing about my skills but everything about the abundant presence of the hummingbirds.DSC 9769

What else could one possibly desire but sit back and watch all this.




Mimosa Tea


We have four Mimosa trees in the garden. They have been busy blooming for a while, and the fragrant flowers are a wonder to look at.

DSC 9671

I couldn’t resist to harvest some of them and turn them into tea.DSC 9685Half a dozen in a cup turn instantly pale green when infused with boiling water.DSC 9699

The cup is still bright green, and the typical mimosa scent is overpowered by a herbal note that is not really unpleasant but distracting. What did turn out more spectacular was to use some of the flowers for pressing and scanning.Mimosa003 2

The colors became stronger after a day under heavy books.

Mimosa003 3