Hibernation (Frost I)

Frost is usually an unpleasant experience for us, but I take the arrival of a much needed cold front here as an opportunity to look at its benefits.

There is for instance hibernation — and I don’t mean some form of revocable death, but a state of reduced activity of body and soul. Reportedly, bacteria in Antarctica have not only survived hundred of thousands of years in the ice, but stayed active repairing their DNA during the entire time.

100 Years of Solitude are nothing compared to this, and one year of covid should also be survivable, in proper hibernation.

The contemplation of beauty in the frozen landscape has become my personal way of hibernation these days.

Just Trees 3

DSC 5862

Living in the moment or living through time is done best in full clarity. But one can also experience life in a less focussed state of mind.

DSC 5873

And by this I don’t mean intoxication, but the conscious effort to admit the obscure.

DSC 5875

In music, this happens when we start to listen to the silence in between the notes.

DSC 5883

Visually, this happens when we unfocus.

DSC 5939

In life, it is a way to accept what is between inside and outside of us.

DSC 5924

Laura Hare Nature Preserve at Downey Hill

DSC 0077

The long title of this post names one of the many places I have missed so far that are in 1 hour driving distance from Bloomington. If you are after spectacular rock formations or water falls, this isn’t the place. But it features a 4.5 mile loop through Southern Indiana landscape at its best. Sinkholes …

DSC 0090

… miniature canyons …

DSC 0112

… creeks …

DSC 0116

… and the trees, of course. All this makes up the landscape in the large, accented by the play of light or the lack of it. Then there are the small things: Leaves clinging on,

DSC 0089

moss providing unexpected greenery,

DSC 0104

hopeful trees sprouting,

DSC 0124

and older trees offering vistas in the past.

DSC 0107

This was a most enjoyable hike.