Corona Walk

DSC 2753

When you combine a pandemic with spring break with bad weather, you get this view from the top of the Atwater parking garage. Below is Lindley Hall. That the lights are on is unusual, but what isn’t?


DSC 2766

I continue my campus walk past the tiny Beck chapel to get to the IU cinema. 

DSC 2772

In front of it someone has adorned the pianist in a timely manner.

DSC 2782

The cinema itself is closed, like almost everything else.

DSC 2795

The way back takes me to Goodbody hall. Its terrace is eerily vacated.

DSC 2827

The only people I saw were construction workers and gardeners. Life has been reduced here to maintenance.

At Church

A couple of years back, a photographer friend of mine and myself checked out a small abandoned industrial zone in the periphery of Bloomington. We went there on a frosty Sunday morning and likened the experience very much to going to church.

Large storage buildings now serve as meeting halls for lost souls,


piles of card board provide a scripture without words,


stained glass windows tell stories of distant suffering,


unused screws (not nails) draw like grass in the sand,


and the mandatory relic doesn’t promise any hope.


The place now has been demolished. Too bad.