I need to apologize. The blog post from this morning was not meant as a commentary on the church shooting in Charleston. Nothing in this blog is intended as a commentary on daily events. In fact, most posts, including today’s, were written weeks or months ago.

I still should have reviewed what was scheduled for today. It is inappropriate because the title and some of its content suggest intended connections. Connections there are, but they were not intended.

This being said, the recent violent tensions between Black and White have been on my mind quite a bit for the past months, and I do not want to deny that I meant to say more than make a general statement about black and white photography.

However, I am not going to rephrase my words, or add to them. The main purpose of this blog is the construction of time, both past and future, and I will not alter the past deliberately. Interpret as you like, but please take connections between blog time and real time as what they are: random incidents.



Frost Flowers

DSC 3134

Several years ago I happened to have an empty aquarium sitting outside, and one winter morning its glass faces were covered with intricate from flowers.

DSC 3145

Using a flash from the side created beautiful highlights and eliminated distractions in the background.

DSC 3146

I have not been able to reproduce this. I would be fascinating to make a time lapse video showing how these actually form.

DSC 3150

This, however, requires more optimism and patience than I have.

DSC 3166

I wish these images here had the ability to decay like the frost flowers. Instead, they are truly digital: They are, or they are not.