Karana Mudra (Museum Hombroich I)

When the Cold War ended, a missile base near Neuss, Germany, became obsolete. The area was bought by the industrial real estate agent Karl Heinrich Müller, and turned into the Museum Island Hombroich.

Hombroich016 wp

Visitors are greeted appropriately by an Asian statue, holding his hand in the Karana Mudra gesture to ban evil spirits.

Hombroich014 wp

Meticulously landscaped by Bernhard Korte, the area is populated with small buildings (landscape chapels),
by Erwin Heerich that contain Asian or contemporary art, or just empty space.

Hombroich039 wp

Soft glass roofs and narrow doors create a balance between diffuse and directed light.

Hombroich035 wp

The geometric harshness of the buildings disappears in the fading light.

Hombroich025 wp