Down (Arizona IV)

When you look down in Indiana, you see either mud or decaying leaves. This is of course exaggerating it, but the contrast to Arizona is so stark that I ended up taking a considerable number of pictures by just pointing the camera downwards.

DSC 1405

It of course always depends on where you are and what you do. I don’t envy the brave NASA scientists who have been staring for decades at red desert rocks from Mars. What will the first plant on Mars look like?

DSC 2264

Then there are the forests, smelling of pine and juniper.

DSC 1600

The proximity of decay and growth shows how fragile is what we have,

DSC 2506

and how much it depends on water.

DSC 1618

Oscillograms (Arizona III)

DSC 1415

About an hour car drive away from the desert landscape of the Petrified Forest in Arizona, one finds oneself in the large National Forests of Arizona. Change can happen quickly.

DSC 1669

For a little while, melt water from winter snow leaves scenic lakes where tall pines try to protect the smaller birches in early morning light.

DSC 1857

Summer draughts and quickly progressing privatization threaten all this.

DSC 1871

After sunset, when the few humans have retreated into their safe houses and the winds have subsided, the landscape becomes very quiet. The perfect reflections of the resting trees look like oscillograms of unheard cries.

DSC 1861

Change happens quickly.