Tripods III

After realizing that while choices allow for free will, too many choices make everything possible and create only an illusion of free will. So let’s allow very few choices in our tripod-universe:

Two 1

Above are the tripods we are allowed to use, and below the first three generations of our expanding universe if we pick the first of the three above and place it at the center:


Two 2 01

We see that at each step, there are only two choices that occur along precisely one branch (marked red). So while the number of possible universe histories grows exponentially, the overwhelming majority of its inhabitants (i.e. the leaves at the end of the trees) don’t have a choice, their future is predetermined and can’t even be affected by the single monarch who can only determine their own future. More choice is needed.

Two 3

So let’s allow all six tripods that use three colors with just one color occurring twice as leaves. We choose one of them for the Big Bang at time 0. At time 1 we already have 27 different possible histories, because at each leaf there are always 3 choices that can be made:

Two 4

In the next generation, we will have already 19683 different possibilities. This looks promising, so let’s see how much these tripods can control their future. Below are two universes at time 2 that use only the colors yellow/green and yellow/blue at the leaves. Can you find a universe where all leaves are yellow? Or blue?

Two 5

Some more questions:

  • Suppose you succeeded in making all leaves yellow. How many more generations does it take you to make all leaves blue?
  • Can you have a universe where no two neighboring leaves have the same color?
  • Below is a universe where in generations 1,2, and 3 each we have an equal number of leaves of each color. Eg, in the current generation 3, there are 8 green, blue, and yellow leaves. Can you continue like this? Is there a recipe for it?


Two 6

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