Rock (Yellow Birch Ravine VII)

The last seven images of my seventh post of the Yellow Birch Ravine return to color.

Unlike the glacial limestone canyons of the more northern parts of Indiana, the rocks here are made of sandstone, providing perfect traction for hiking.

We also get lots of overhangs and recess caves because of this, so I am tempted to call this place Little Utah.

Unlike the better known and much more visited places, the rocks here are (mostly) in pristine condition.

Just imagine someone would walk up to you and carve their name deep into your skin with a sharp knife.

Some of the patterns do look organic, don’t they? Whom would we wake up?

2 thoughts on “Rock (Yellow Birch Ravine VII)”

  1. The textures are impeccable! They almost look like they’d be slippery, from the moss and evenness of the outermost layers. It’s difficult to tell from the perspective – how far back does that crevice go?


    1. The one in the first picture? The top portion is a vertical rock face, below an overhang (about a yard deep), and at the bottom is what has broken off. The perspective is deliberately confusing…
      The place has a healthy amount of mosses and bryophytes, I don’t know about the wildflowers yet.


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