Walls (Yellow Birch Ravine III)

DSC 2943

To get to the second box canyon, we could retrace our steps, but we can also hang on to the cliffs and find our way along them.

DSC 2942

We are not talking about a single cliff — the entire area is fortified with vertical walls and overhanging cliffs. Who needs a shell like this?

DSC 2947

There is a strange geometric esthetics in these pictures, as if rock faces and trees align — for what?

DSC 3030

These questions have no meaning here. 

The walls dominate everything, there seems to be neither sky nor solid ground. Still — there is water coming from above, and the trees must have roots somewhere. Life exists, despite the walls, thanks to the walls.

DSC 2975

The sheer existence overwhelms — no purpose beyond this is necessary.

DSC 2998

We have arrived. We will need to look and see what awaits us here.

DSC 3058

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