Trees in Color (Frost VIII)

The Pine Hills Nature Preserve at Shades State Park is one of the most beautiful places of Indiana, and in deep winter even the blunt access trail acquires a certain charm.

DSC 2023

Trees and rocks in the valley seem to be bending under the snow.

DSC 2050

 Two people had left a few footprints the days before, otherwise the landscape was as pristine as it gets.

DSC 2053

At the backbones I was grateful to see that others had been able to cross…

DSC 2059

From the top the trees reveal their structural beauty.

DSC 2061

Down at the bottom the look up is mind bending.

DSC 2091

The way back follows the creek without further risks.

DSC 2115

And yes, there is color, too.

DSC 2182

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