Snow (Frost III)

After 4-5 inches of snow over night, I couldn’t resist to get up early to be the first on Pate Hollow. Well, I wasn’t quite the first, as numerous animal tracks testify, but otherwise the trail was so completely virginal that it was almost invisible.

Snow increases gravity, which is why I have changed the usual aspect ratio from 3:2 to 2:1.

There is resistance against the gravity, and efforts of verticality have become more pronounced against the uniformly white backdrop.

The Black and White contrast makes it possible to spot the Baxter branch in a trail-less valley down below which we will pay a visit soon.

Then there is my favorite detour to the desolate peninsula.

The lake only appears to be frozen. Snow can be treacherous, too.

I return to the trail: but where is it?

As time expands (it took me three instead of the usual two hours to hike this trail today), the attempts to defy gravity become more and more futile.

But there is no giving up. Just look at these pine needles!

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