Ridges (Mogan Ridge East Trail)

We continue on to the Eastern loop of the Mogan Ridge trail, another 6 miles or so. It follows indeed mostly a ridge, with ups and downs.

DSC 0050

Ridges are an interesting design pattern, they can serve as watersheds between light and dark, for instance.

They are — isn’t it in the word? — rigid borders, immutable, and encourage compartmentalization. 

DSC 0063

Walking a ridge means having a constant choice: Shall we go left and hide in the woods, or do we confront the alien who is beckoning strangely? 

DSC 0066

What better place for us than this lake, protected between two ridges? Don’t we want peace?

DSC 0079

Someone has decided to stay.

DSC 0098

The true ridge walker will avoid either choice and stay on the ridge, letting all possibilities pass.

DSC 0106

And on we go. Stone faces are looking at us again with disdain. They didn’t have a choice.

DSC 0151

Do we have regrets? No, we’ve made our choice. 

DSC 0131

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