Weed (Cooperation Games I)

It’s time for change.

Weed is a cooperative card game for 1-4 players. There are three different types of cards, in four colors:

Types 01

They can be laid out to grow weeds, like so:

Weed 1 01

When placing the cards, there are a couple of things we shouldn’t do. We won’t:

Nonos 01

Below is a full set of cards, and here a printable pdf.

Cards 01

Now for the game: The players first agree on a board size, like a 6×6 square. As many cards as there are players are placed face down onto the board so that they don’t share an edge, not share an edge with the boundary of the board, and then turned over. The remaining cards are dealt to the players. They take turns to grow weeds, only placing cards that match previously placed cards. For every completed weed the players get one point. For each square of the board that can’t be tiled one point is being subtracted. The goal is to come out positive, of course.

Below is a perfectly completed 6×6 board. Sample 01


Enjoy, and go in peace.

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