Three Times Around

DSC 5899

In fairy tales doing something three times usually accomplishes the job — be it with a good or bad outcome. So let’s try it out with Strahl Lake in Brown County State Park.

DSC 5860

We arrive well before sunrise, when both lake and air are shrouded in layers of fog. This is a dream like state where reality is separate from us.

DSC 5870

Color, it seems, is more intense now, but maybe only in our imagination.

DSC 5895

Each time I pause at this iconic view for a few minutes. The sun is up, but not yet able to penetrate the fog. Should we go back to sleep? Of course not, no fairy tale stops at the number 2.

DSC 5927

After the third time, only a thin layer of fog remains, now separating reality from its virtual mirror image.

DSC 5929

We have woken up — what have we lost?

DSC 5854

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